NOLI Modern Italian Kitchens
NOLI Modern Italian Kitchens1 month ago

Very happy to celebrate the 70th anniversary of minotticucine, the luxury sister brand of MAISTRI which we feature in our showroom. Both are from Verona, Italy and their kitchens fabricated in the same facility. This unique lineage of design and quality goes on - visit...

NOLI Modern Italian Kitchens 2 months ago

Discover how a warm Italian kitchen design brings food and family together in this photo gallery of traditional style cabinets, decor, and ideas.

NOLI3 months ago

And we picked this block that will be turned into work- and countertops of different specifications for two different kitchens in Cincinnati

NOLI3 months ago

At one of the best stone providers in Verona, Italy who works all over the globe

NOLI3 months ago

This is one of the occasions I get to pick stones with experts in Italy. Here are my colleagues Rosario and Paolo from MAISTRI and minotticucine

NOLI Modern Italian Kitchens
NOLI Modern Italian Kitchens3 months ago

Wood is IN big time in this year edition of Living Kitchen in Cologne. Beautiful and contrasting combinations can be created with different materials and volumes. We have natural and lacquered oak, elm and ash to combine with all other available finishes. Make your statement...

NOLI Modern Italian Kitchens
NOLI Modern Italian Kitchens4 months ago

Modern Italian features in a rustic kitchen: wood slab doors, toekick and channel grip (no handle), stone backsplash and chiseled countertop, iron accents matching the appliances. Perfect use of only a few, minimally-processed natural materials. An inspiring combination


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