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The Ultimate Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen in Cincinnati

A kinematic approach to cooking.

Imagine an indoor-outdoor kitchen where every element is meticulously crafted to create an unparalleled experience. This program transforms this vision into reality, where elegance meets functionality in perfect harmony. At its heart is a singular block of ash wood, routed and bolted to the kitchen island’s structural core, allowing for the most dramatic of party tricks—a sliding cantilevered countertop that transforms the room into a lively and playful space with seating. This beautiful surface flows effortlessly into quartz countertops and a niche, creating a canvas that is both functional and breathtaking. In the spirit of sustainability and second chances, this exquisite kitchen has found a new home.

When us Italians say we take our kitchens with us, we aren’t kidding.

A kitchen as remarkable as this deserves to continue its journey, bringing joy and functionality to another household. It’s not just a kitchen; it’s a legacy of Italian design excellence, now gracing a new space with its presence. Step into a world where storage is not just practical but artfully designed. The kitchen wall is adorned with cabinets that ascend gracefully, stacked above sleek columns and a central niche. Each cabinet, finished in frassino carbon, blends effortlessly into the design. Two 24” refrigerators and a 30” tall oven cabinet are seamlessly integrated, flanked by expansive pantries, a sink, dishwasher, and trash bases. The double-sided island stands as a testament to design and utility, featuring six triple-drawer bases, offering a total of 18 drawers, each motion smooth, refined, and soft.

Beauty is in the details.

Illuminating the culinary experience, we integrated LED lighting throughout the drawers and the niche, casting a soft, modern glow. The sliding table moves with the grace of a whisper, adapting to your needs effortlessly. Boiserie hardware with sleek black sliding accessories adds a touch of modernity and practicality, while cutlery organizers in walnut and stainless steel offer refined storage solutions. Pullout trash recycling bins are designed for ease, seamlessly hidden yet easily accessible. Quartz MA bianco 1776 countertops, with a glossy finish, provide a durable and elegant surface that stands up to the demands of a busy kitchen while remaining a visual delight. Adding the perfect touch of comfort and style are a couple of MDF Italia FLOW stools and an iconic handcrafted ceramic bowl from the renowned Italian ceramist Rina Menardi, forming a balance between defined borders and lines, and softness and movement. The overall experience lies in the oscillation of opposites. Balance is the real goal, quite the purpose.

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