An Elegant Kitchen Remodel in Amberley Village, Cincinnati

An Elegant, Modern Kitchen Remodel in Amberley Village

With this project in Amberley Village, Cincinnati, fulfilling the true potential of the kitchen required NOLI to not only guide the design and installation portions of the project, but to take on the management of the remodeling effort as well. The design intent for this remodel was to create a sleek and visually harmonious space that smoothed all visual disruptions and connected with adjacent open living space

NOLI worked closely with the homeowners to create an inviting, relaxing environment, with warm tonal gray cabinetry that strategically hides away appliances and wraps around the corner to extend fully to the adjoining steps. A dramatic high stone backsplash forms a striking counterpoint to suspended wall cabinets, which include a concealed range hood with full exhaust. The stone used throughout the kitchen is bookmatched NEOLITH sintered stone, fabricated to measure in Italy and ready to install.

Other features of the kitchen remodel project include a hidden breakfast station and bar, lighting by VOLTAGE, and new cabinetry beneath a TV in the adjoining living area. In a true experience of one-stop-shop, NOLI met all the clients’ needs and helped them create a modern space that will offer decades of enjoyment.

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modern kitchen remodel by NOLI in Cincinnati Ohio

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