Iconic 1980’s Eden Park Home Gets a Modern Italian Kitchen Refresh

NOLI collaborated with the owner of this John Sennhauser-designed residence to liberate the closed-off kitchen in elegant and modern Italian style. The removal of a round kitchen wall and remodel of the island transformed and connected the kitchen, living, and dining rooms into a continuous flow of light and objects, creating an open Italian piazza. The tall, monolithic back wall in textured dark oak is now home to all refrigerators, storage, ovens, and a concealed passage to the garage—and this finish is echoed in the seamless cabinetry tucked into the island. To contrast, the light wall cabinets’ lacquer gloss carries on to the island’s countertop and sides to balance the spatial composition. The new, generous layout draws the eye out to the floor-to-ceiling windows that bathe the room in sunshine and reveal sweeping city views. The resulting open space and kitchen remodel is a luxurious expanse of natural light, inviting friends and family to gather, share, and create memories.

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