Elevate Your Kitchen Island with These Seating Options | NOLI

Elevate Your Kitchen Island with These Seating Options

Kitchen Islands: to Sit Or Not to Sit? 

If there’s one thing the Italians know, it’s that the kitchen is the heart of the home – a place not just for cooking, but for conversation and connection (as well as hanging around hoping Nonna will let you taste test her next batch of sauce). So it should come at no surprise that we here at NOLI are a little bit obsessed with designing modern kitchen islands with seating to create your dream snack or breakfast bar. Because let’s face it: contemporary living means we’re not always gathering for lengthy family dinners around a stuffy old dinner table. These days, we often find ourselves in need of a more relaxed space for casual, quick meals that is still thoughtfully designed. So when you choose to install seating around your kitchen island you’re getting the best of both worlds: a designated space to eat and gather and freedom from all the stuffiness of a formal dining room.

And that’s not the only reason we love kitchen islands (we told you we’re a little obsessed…) In open floor plans, a kitchen bar with seating creates the perfect buffer between rooms because it embodies the form and function of both the kitchen and the living room.

Don’t believe us? Check out this example of a remodel from North Dayton

Elevate Your Kitchen Island with These Seating Options - NOLI Modern Italian Living

As you can see, this beautiful kitchen island features seating on both sides at counter level, plus integrated tech to make the most of the space by being both beautiful and functional. We also love the way this island adds drama to the kitchen as its design centerpiece while also maximizing functionality by providing seating and storage. 

So now that we’ve convinced you to join us in our kitchen island obsession, let’s break down three of our favorite ways to incorporate seating.

Counter Top Level Seating

Elevate Your Kitchen Island with These Seating Options - NOLI Modern Italian Living

In this elegant remodel, NOLI installed seating at the countertop level of this island that incorporates built-in appliances to make the best use of the space. This simple, streamlined design keeps this functional kitchen island as the focal point of the space without overwhelming the room.

Form + Function = one perfect breakfast bar.

Between A Counter Top and High Top

Elevate Your Kitchen Island with These Seating Options - NOLI Modern Italian Living

A counter top feels too low, but high top feels too high? We know the feeling 😉 In this modern example from Over-The-Rhine, our fabricator’s friends at MAISTRI created a beautiful custom kitchen island at a height that sits at a perfect middle ground (see what we did there?) This bar also made use of a built-in sink to create an island that is perfect for eating, chatting, and food prep.

Modern Kitchen Island with Storage and Seating

For another exciting option, check out this sliding countertop version that we created for a new home in Columbia Tusculum. With a sliding countertop, you get extra seating on demand, without taking up valuable space in your kitchen when it’s not in use. 

What more could a kitchen need? Aside from a private chef to cook all your meals for you…

Table Height Seating

One of the most exciting and innovative ways to add seating to your kitchen island is table-height seating. To create this look, we design a table around the island and bring the seating to table height, as you can see in this example: 

Elevate Your Kitchen Island with These Seating Options | NOLI

Once again, this is an option that allows you to have the best of both worlds: a quick and easy place to gather and converse, and some of the feeling of sitting around the formal dining tables of old. 

When modernity meets tradition – that’s Amore.

As you can see, there are so many innovative ways to incorporate seating into the design of your kitchen island. With this many design options to choose from, there’s really nothing stopping you from creating the breakfast bar of your dreams.

Want to get started? Check out NOLI’s portfolio for more examples and to work with us to create your next kitchen remodel.

Looking for more ideas?

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