Why Plywood and Solid Wood are the New Cabinets' Pariah | NOLI

Veneer Vidi Vici: Why Plywood and Solid Wood are the New Cabinets’ Pariah

The summer is heating up and it’s time for our hottest take ever: solid wood kitchen cabinets are over. That’s right, there’s a better cabinet material in town that is more eco-friendly, durable, and easy to care for. We’re talking about veneers. 

Sure, wood is beautiful, but you can get the same look with significantly less hassle by simply opting for a wood veneer instead. We’re tired of opening cabinet doors to see washed-out plywood or birch inside. In fact, we’ve got a new saying when it comes to blonde plywood cabinet interiors – blonde is blah.

Why Plywood and Solid Wood are the New Cabinets' Pariah | NOLI

Even worse than being blah, that blonde plywood absorbs liquid, making it stain more easily. Solid wood is also heavy and more prone to distortion over time which is not ideal for doors and panels. And don’t even get us started on all the maintenance required to maintain a solid wood cabinet. 

So what makes veneers so much better? We’re glad you asked. 

How Does a Cabinet Veneer Work? 

Before we tell you why veneers are superior, we should probably make sure you know what they are. A wood veneer is a thin layer of decorative wood (usually about ⅛ to ¼ inch thick) that is thermo-pressed to a core material to give your cabinet the look of natural wood without the hassle that comes with it. At NOLI, we build our cabinet structures using fiberboards made of >90% recycled wood (bonus points for our eco-system), then we laminate with a man-made material to give your cabinets a modern look that is easy to maintain. 

Panels and doors are veneered on both sides and all edges, giving your cabinet a consistent look inside and out. The result is a modern cabinet finish that is customized to your kitchen. 

Why Are Cabinet Veneers Better than Solid Wood? 

We’ll say it again: blonde is blah. With a cabinet veneer, you can get a more custom look by staining it in whatever color works best for you. With veneer kitchen cabinets the ability to customize is endless – from teak, to eucalyptus, to oak – veneers give you the option to create the exact look you want for your kitchen cabinets. 

Plywood custom italian cabinets with teak veneer | NOLI

If you’ve got sustainability on the brain, these eco-friendly cabinets also use nine times less fresh wood than solid wood cabinets, while also being longer-lasting and easier to maintain. A custom look that also saves the planet? That’s what we call a win-win. 

Veneer Kitchen Cabinets Are Here to Stay

Eco-friendly materials, and an ability to customize? Veneers are clearly the modern cabinet finishes of the future. Paired with our superior hardware, your kitchen will last decades, truly timeless

At NOLI, we use laminated structures and veneered wood doors as a beautiful and unique way to add lasting and sustainable modernity to your home. Check out our portfolio to see how a custom, veneered cabinet could be used in your next remodel to elevate your space.

Looking for more ideas?

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