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Avoiding Home Remodeling Project Disasters

If you’re considering a kitchen, living room, or home office redesign, you are likely weighing your hopes of a smooth remodeling project with the many stories you’ve heard from friends, family, or online posts about home redesign project disasters. With the time, expense, and emotional investment that home remodeling projects entail, it’s wise to take the time upfront to ensure that your project is a success. These tips will get you started.

Establish Your Project Scope and Expectations Before You Begin

While every home redesign project begins with a loose vision and dozens of possibilities about what you might do, when it comes time to choose a contractor partner and establish a clear design plan, you must make some decisions.

First, what is your primary goal for your remodeling or interior remodeling project? Whether you are looking to add more storage, brighten a room with open space and access to natural light, or simply to update an existing layout with more functional and beautiful fixtures, it’s important to know your primary goal and not lose sight of it during your project.

In addition, setting your home remodeling budget (including any funds for contingencies) and timetable are critical aspects to the success of your home remodel project. Do your research and set realistic, informed expectations for your project’s scope, design intent and finish level. If your project is more complex, you could find real value in discussing the details with experts in the construction, remodeling, and interior design industry.  The input of such industry professionals is particularly useful if you wish to ensure that your plans are feasible and able to be executed within your budget and timeframe in the current industry environment.  

Choose Your Home Remodeling Partners Wisely

Whether you are looking to redesign your kitchen, remodel a room for a new home office, or update your living room to an open, airy space for entertaining—it pays to work with experts at every step of the way. Even if you are considering handling some of the work on your own, first take the time to investigate your options by speaking with experienced designers and builders. Chances are, you’ll find that working with experts will save you time, hassle, and money in the long term—and ensure that the final product adds real value to your home.

At NOLI, we pride ourselves on our deep, collaborative partnerships with some of the best contractors, fabricators and suppliers in the business. True and tested relationships matter to ensure your project is completed according to plan. For example, a recent NOLI collaboration required lifting large custom cabinets and countertops to the top floor of a residence under construction—a situation handled smoothly because it was mapped out well in advance by an experienced crew.

Allow for the Unexpected

While you should never compromise on your vision for your home redesign, you will save yourself time and stress by creating a project plan that allows for the unexpected—particularly one that reflects the current environment in the building industry. Once again, it helps to work with experts who have mastered the intricacies of projects like yours, from start to finish. By establishing an open line of communication and trust with your collaborative partners, you can anticipate and proactively resolve any construction, supplies, or installation concerns well in advance of them becoming a problem.

No matter where you are in the planning for your next residential redesign project, NOLI can help you create a plan for success. Visit our showroom and design center today to discuss your plans 

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