Your Dream Modern Closet Design in 4 Steps

Want to design your dream modern closet? Here are 4 simple steps.

Some of the biggest improvements in home design are happening in the smallest spaces—especially when you consider recent trends in modern closet design. Whether you’re interested in a modern closet for the bedroom or a decorative closet elsewhere in the home, these four steps can help you achieve your perfect designer closet.

1. Identify the Key Requirements of Your Decorative or Designer Walk-in Closet

When a client asks us how to design a closet layout, we first ask them about their goals for the space. Is storage the key need, or a peaceful and inviting space? Are they looking for a standalone decorative closet or a large, walk-in closet that allows for relaxation as well as preparation for the day? No matter what your focus is, when you work with a modern closet design expert, you’ll be able to choose custom closet cabinetry, shelving, lighting and accessories that will meet your unique needs.


2. Embrace Minimalist Closet Organization

Today’s designer walk-in closet is an uncrowded, peaceful space you want to spend time in. To achieve this, carefully consider both what you want to store away as well as the signature pieces you want to feature in plain view. A modern Italian-designed closet is defined by its emphasis on creating a sleek, harmonious space, with most clothing and accessories either featured artistically or discreetly tucked out of view.


3. Choose the Custom Touches of Your Dream Modern Closet to Match Your Unique Style

Now that you know what you’ll be storing in your dream closet, you can select storage options from a vast array of drawers, cabinets and open shelving, all available in a wide variety of custom finishes to match your home décor. Then, decide what additional pieces (if any) you want in your closet, such as comfortable seating, mirrors, and decorative art. Finally, choose the custom lighting fixtures to complete the experience—from overhead lighting, to interior shelf illumination, to focal highlights to celebrate your most treasured pieces.  

4. Work with an Expert

To make the most of your space, time, and resources, it‘s wise to consult with an expert in modern interior design. At NOLI, we’ve recently expanded our design show room to include the newest cabinetry, fixtures, and lighting options ideal for today’s modern closet designs. Contact us today to discuss your ideas, get inspiration for your project, and learn how we can help.

Looking for more ideas?

NOLI has recently completed a full showroom renovation to bring the latest in kitchen and architectural interiors to life. For a private appointment to discuss your next redesign project.


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