What Makes Modern Italian Designed Cabinets Special?


Your first experience of a well-designed cabinet may be in a kitchen catalog, with glossy pictures featuring attractive finishes, sleek countertops, and thoughtfully constructed shelving space. To truly understand how impressive these cabinets are, however, you should visit a showroom and experience them in person.

NOLI Modern Italian Design, located in OTR by Cincinnati’s Findlay Market, can give you a fantastic taste of the latest kitchen, storage, and multi-media cabinet designs by MAISTRI and OLIVIERI, two of Italy’s most-storied, premier custom fabricators. Dedicated to superior craftsmanship, customer-centric personalization, and the highest quality materials, MAISTRI and OLIVIERI have been masters of cabinet design and custom fabrication since 1946 and 1915, respectively.

Before you visit the showroom, however, it’s helpful to know the features and specifications that make these cabinets exceptional.

Exquisite solutions and configurations to solve any space challenge

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Because of their precise construction, these frameless cabinets can be configured to address nearly any kitchen, living room or storage space requirement. For example, tall corner cabinets allow full standing access and can be equipped with customized shelving, well-spaced pullout trays, and simple swing doors. Tall storage cabinets with a pocket door (single or double), by contrast, are an ideal solution for hiding away everything from general storage, a multi-media center, appliances, or even entire workspaces, including a working-from-home desk.

Doors and drawers that open and close with the slightest touch 

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The doors and drawers of well-made cabinets don’t require bulky pulls or protruding hardware handles, and the sleek result is a hallmark of modern Italian design. Instead, you’ll open your kitchen cabinets or living room storage units with a single push, or by pulling a recessed handle grip.

If you’re looking for a cut above ordinary, the most-architectural design option is a 45-degree beveled edge front that can be combined with a square or 45-degree cut worktop. These cabinets and work surfaces can be created to appear completely monolithic, grounded, and earthbound or weightless and floating—the only constraint is your design vision! All doors and drawers are anchored by robust, disappearing hinges or runners, allowing complete and silent operation with a gentle touch, easily withstanding the test of time.

Exceptional countertops


The creativity of MAISTRI design extends to the countertops. Solid colored or richly patterned natural stone cut at a sleek 2 cm (3/4 in.) or up to solid, full-body 6 cm (2 ½ in.) in thickness is perfect for your custom island, both centering the space and drawing the eye. In addition, the impressive sliding counter option is an ideal solution to expand space in kitchens or office areas in to the open living. With a simple push, you can reveal a sink or cooktop (or both) and create a practical space for breakfast, work, or drinks to toast the cook while waiting for dinner to be served. These counters can be customized up to 320 cm x 122 cm, (12 ft x 4 ft) and are fabricated with extraordinary precision and unique hardware to be both safe and stable at full extension.

Want to learn more?

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NOLI has recently completed a full showroom renovation to bring the latest in kitchen and architectural interiors to life. For a private appointment to discuss your next redesign project.

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