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Sculpting Spaces with Light

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Light has long been used by designers to focus the mind and delight the eye, whether by drawing attention to hidden spaces or to create a new perspective in a room. The effective use of light is one of the cornerstones of modern Italian design, and it is also one of the easiest principles to incorporate into your home, no matter what your design preference. The following four ideas can get you started.

Let the sunshine in

NOLI Modern Italian Living

Whether you live in a suburban setting or in the heart of a bustling city, chances are your window treatments have not been updated in several years. By taking stock of your interior space, privacy needs, and exterior environment, you can create a room that is bathed in sunshine.

Clean, simple lines in window treatments are now a staple of the elegant home, with minimalist fabric treatments or the use of adjustable shades that make the most of natural light. Smart home automation allows you to automatically raise and lower screens with a touch of a button or on a pre-set schedule, while problematic views or privacy concerns can be addressed with the use of textured sheers or window screens.

Illuminate hidden spaces

NOLI Modern Italian Living

If you have ever entered the kitchen of a modern Italian home or strolled through the design center at NOLI Modern Italian Living, you know that the true magic of this design aesthetic lies in the details—particularly in the use of light. Unobtrusive lights brighten pantry corners and lighten countertop and work spaces, enabling every area to be easily viewed and accessed.

With today’s LED technology, you can install discreet temporary or permanent lighting in your own kitchen and storage areas quickly and easily. Whether you’ll be illuminating a selection of cut crystal, a favorite set of books, or deep pantry storage, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to take this simple step.

 Create lightness through visually still spaces

Another hallmark of modern Italian design is the concept of visually still spaces, which goes beyond simple decluttering and embodies the idea of a room in which everything is in its place. Appliances, computer equipment, books and supplies are all hidden behind frameless cabinets. Sleek countertops in gorgeously textured stone are allowed to shine without stacks of unnecessary items crowding the space. Even before adding light, the room seems brighter, fresher, and more serene.

In your own home, you can experience the power of this concept by choosing a key room and removing unnecessary or disruptive items from countertops or shelves. Let the space rest like this for several hours or days. As you enter it again, consider how you feel. What would it be like to always feel this way? If the space seems too stark or barren, slowly and judiciously add one or two items, and then reconsider. You may be surprised at how much you enjoy a visually still space—and how restorative it is, every time you enter the room.

Evolve to a multi-tonal kitchen design

While it remains an accepted practice to default to an “all-white” kitchen when a bright space is desired, today’s most sophisticated designers are shifting to a bi- or multi-tonal approach that emphasizes rich, natural textures and materials. By blending darker, sleek surfaces with pops of relevant color, you create a warm palette that invites the eye to roam the space.

Achieving this look can be as simple as refinishing your cabinets or updating your countertops and flooring, or you can consider a whole-kitchen redesign with a team that can help you make the most of your space and lighting, customizing your kitchen to your specific needs. It all depends on your unique vision for your space! If you are interested in learning more about a potential kitchen and open living transformation, schedule a personal visit to NOLI Modern Italian Living.

Looking for more ideas?

NOLI has recently completed a full showroom renovation to bring the latest in kitchen and architectural interiors to life. For a private appointment to discuss your next redesign project.

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