Top Modern Kitchen Trends in 2023

Looking for inspiration and guidance as you consider your 2023 kitchen remodel? This is the year of warm colors and natural design elements, smart technology, and multifunctional pieces. Read on to see the must-have modern kitchen trends of 2023.

Colors and features inspired by nature

Biophilic interior design elements have been gaining in popularity over the past few years, connecting homeowners with nature throughout the home—and especially in the kitchen. Features such as natural stone countertops, wood cabinetry, organic and eco-friendly materials, and the abundant use of light will continue to be on-trend in 2023. Darker wood tones will also feature prominently in modern design kitchens, particularly tonal grays, with more color incorporated into countertops, backsplashes, and hood surrounds.  

Bold design elements and statements to anchor the space

The 2023 modern kitchen will inspire with bold design features intended to capture the eye and draw you into the space. Look for dramatic, oversized slab backsplashes made of granite, quartz, and marble, either matched to the countertops or designed specifically to contrast in either color or design. Kitchen islands will also go bigger and bolder in 2023, with oversized or even double islands serving as a center for food preparation, dining, entertaining, or work.  

Smart, integrated technology and multifunction islands

Today’s kitchen is keeping pace with the rest of the home in the use of smart technology, including features such as wifi-enabled appliances that can be controlled by your smartphone, touchless, voice-activated appliances and faucets, and custom energy-efficient appliances like convenient, undercounter refrigeration. Kitchen islands will continue to take center stage in 2023, with integrated cooking elements, sliding countertops that reveal more prep space, and custom storage.

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