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The Disappearing Appliances Act

How to integrate built-in appliances in your modern kitchen (plus a few how not tos)

Are Built-In Appliances Worth It?

The short answer is yes. To master the disappearing appliances act you have to make a detailed plan, work with a good designer, use the right brands, and more.

Our stance is that built-in appliances are a “perfect fit” (get it?🙂) for modern Italian design.

Built-in appliances support a sleek, minimalistic design and also reduce the number of visual elements (colors and materials) – which for us is magnifico.

The Cachet of the Cache

In modern Italian design, we love to perform the full “disappearing act.” Ideally, we hide everything – within the reality of function. For example, if you use your oven every day – it doesn’t make sense to overcomplicate access to it. But, if you use your oven once a week (or less 😉) – let’s hide it!

Integrating your appliances makes it more feasible to create a mono-color and mono-material design (or maybe duo). This allows for a consistent, modern look – especially when the same finish is used throughout your kitchen.

The Disappearing Appliances Act - Built-in Appliances - NOLI Modern Italian Living

How Not to Do Modern Appliances

Built-in appliances are a resounding “yes.” Here are a few things that are a resounding “no” when it comes to appliances and modern Italian design.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a no for the modern Italian kitchen. In rare instances, a designer range, fridge, or hood could be used as a design statement in stainless steel.

Other modern Italian “rules” for appliances

  • No over-the-range (OTR) microwave hood combination
  • No giant ugly hoods – selectively designed hoods can be OK, cabinet inserts are ideal
  • No exposed dishwashers – they should be paneled and have the same grip as your finished cabinets

From the Wine Fridge to the Wall Oven – Examples of Built-In Appliances 

The Disappearing Appliances Act - built-in cooktop

Obscuring Your Oven

There are a few ways to integrate your oven as a built-in component in a modern kitchen. One option is to place your oven behind a pocket door that retracts completely during use but keeps your oven fully hidden while not in use. 

Or, you can integrate a wall oven to be flush with your cabinets – like we did in this modern kitchen.

A Cooktop in the Countertop

A cooktop that is mounted and flush with your countertop can be molto elegante. Innovative options are induction cooktops under the stone or ceramic material – sight unseen!! This is a new technology that lends itself to an elegant effect design-wise. You can also hide a flush cooktop under a sliding countertop table – visit our showroom to see this live!

Hide that Hood

We mentioned already that giant protruding, ugly hoods are a no in Italian design. Three ways you can make your hood disappear are under a shelf, a soffit, or a wall cabinet.

A fridge that looks like a cabinet

A built-in refrigerator cabinet is a fantastic option that we love to incorporate into our projects. This modern kitchen remodel showcases this design choice perfectly.

The Disappearing Appliances Act - NOLI Modern Italian Living

Built-in wine fridge

Here is something we won’t whine about when it comes to kitchen appliances – a built-in wine fridge! For the homeowner who loves to host, and loves good wine (like any good Italian, American, French, or anyone, really !) – this is one design choice you won’t regret.

Your Local Design Resource

If a kitchen remodel is in your future and you’d like to learn more about built-in appliances and NOLI design services – get in touch with our team today.

Looking for more ideas?

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