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The Happiest Space in Your Home

No matter the size of your house, or how large or small your family, the kitchen is likely the place where you all come together multiple times during the day. It’s where you converse, prepare food, eat and drink, and often the first room you enter and the last room you leave whenever you depart your home.

But how does your kitchen make you feel? If you don’t experience a sense of serenity and joy as you enter this space, consider taking the following steps to elevate the energy of your kitchen—and your entire home.

Step 1: Declutter

modern open concept kitchen remodel

This step can be a challenge no matter how large your space, especially if you have a family or lead a particularly busy life. But it’s important to take the time to decide what truly needs to be in your kitchen, and what can be better stored/maintained elsewhere.

Moving stacks of paperwork to somewhere other than the kitchen is an obvious place to start, but look more deeply: what appliances do you have on your countertops that you only use a few times a week? Do they need to be in plain view all day long, every day, taking away livable/usable space? What items do you keep close at hand that could be easily hidden in a nearby cabinet?

Speaking of cabinets, are they organized in a manner that truly serves you and your family? One of the hallmarks of modern Italian design is a thoughtful and efficient use of cabinet space, but if you’re not yet ready to upgrade, you can still make the most of the storage space you have using these tips from Architectural Digest.

Step 2: Renew

Renewed kitchen after a modern kitchen remodel

The second step on this journey is to take stock of your current kitchen tools and supplies. Well-crafted, updated kitchen tools, dishes and appliances can make all the difference in your cooking experience, and can become a source of genuine pleasure as you prepare your family’s meals.

In addition to simply replacing your everyday pots, pans, and cookware with higher-quality options, you can make your kitchen a place of creativity and exploration by adding beautiful, gourmet-friendly tools. You may find your new favorite in this list curated by the gourmet food enthusiasts at

Step 3: Redesign

Open concept modern kitchen in a condo

Of course, ultimately there will come a time when only a remodel will do. Perhaps you are ready to upgrade to the kitchen of your dreams, or you want to encourage more family time in the kitchen, or you want to entertain and you have outgrown your current space. If this sounds like you, a complete redesign may be the best path to a space that fulfills your needs. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. A 2018 Kitchen Trends report indicated that more than 85% of homeowners choose to work with a design professional to take on a full kitchen remodel, and typical kitchen remodeling projects nationwide ranged anywhere from $42,000 to $100,000.

For such an important transformation for your home—it pays to work with the experts. Take your time as you consider what will truly achieve your long-term vision—not only for your kitchen, but for your entire home. By pursuing a holistic approach to your redesign project that helps you extend the serenity of your kitchen into your living spaces and working areas, you will create a truly remarkable setting for your family and friends to reconnect and celebrate. Interested in seeing how this vision can transform your home? Contact NOLI, today.

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