Italian Design 101

In a world overflowing with noise – static from our streaming, traffic, advertising – modern Italian design is a quiet oasis. By stripping the noise away from the things that provide valuable function in our lives, we are able to focus, produce and rest. It is design made for harmony, not just for show. Let’s explore the features that define modern Italian, and you’ll see why these are options for kitchen design and your lifestyle.

Slab Doors

By subtracting the ‘visual offenders’ of traditional kitchens, like shaker doors, or multiple, protruding handles and knobs, modern Italian design quiets the atmosphere. Slab doors feature no hardware, no unnecessary lines but the contour. The recessed grips and solid surfaces of slab doors allow you to sweep through your kitchen much more easily, accessing the important things without a thought. Need to open to get an ingredient out of your cabinet before the water starts boiling? No sweat. Just grab and go.

Streamlined Surfaces

By reducing the number of materials, angles or colors, the kitchen becomes more visually streamlined and functionally agile. A “monolithic” kitchen translates the simplicity of aesthetics into the simplicity of use, without ever sacrificing style. Solid surfaces and subtle patterns marry for a harmonious outcome. Combinations of materials found in nature – like stone and wood – create visual harmony, too.

Slim Profile

From top to bottom, modern Italian design uses slim profile elements that make the kitchen elegantly seamless and stand out. The strategic use of recessed channel grips, low toe kicks and slimmer countertops are the hallmarks of modern Italian kitchens: simple, airy and easy to use.

Integrated Appliances and Panelling

When appliances are fully integrated with kitchen cabinets, everything is just easier. The parsimonious use of stainless steel, the seamless panelling of integrated appliances with the same cabinet material (see above) means no edges sticking out, just smooth, continuous visual harmony and access

Pairing solid surfaces, natural materials and intuitive function with the tenets of Italian design makes for a winning combination. NOLI helps actualize this design philosophy into kitchens. Learn more about our design practices in action by checking out our other design blogs and case studies, and by visiting our showroom and design center.

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