A Chef’s Journey at NOLI

It’s a new year, and there’s no better reason to gather family and friends around the kitchen. A NOLI modern Italian kitchen offers the most streamlined efficiency, along with top-model integrated appliances, for the ultimate dolce vita experience. Adopting a healthy lifestyle as a New Year resolution is even easier with a NOLI modern Italian kitchen. Personal chef Julie Francis shows us how you can use a NOLI kitchen to create a delicious, healthy meal using the convenience of modern Italian design.

Translating the tenets of modern Italian design into food, Chef Julie decided to incorporate the practical with the delicious. The menu consisted of two varieties of steamed fish, a light risotto, sautéed vegetables and a vibrant, citrus-packed salad. When it comes to creating any meal, preparation is key. The ease-of-use of a NOLI kitchen makes prep simple and quick.

The paneled Liebherr refrigeration column is directly accessible and offers plenty of space to keep vegetables crisp and at the optimal temperature. The touch panel and temperature-controlled drawers keeps food fresher, longer.

A high-performance fridge that controls temperature and humidity helps cut down on food waste, so you use only what’s needed and retain the full benefit of the nutrients. The brushed stainless steel and infinity light panels make the refrigerator as attractive a feature in the kitchen as any other.

In our kitchen, extensive prep surface is a given. The accessorized sink adds to that surface, retaining elegant design elements while providing lots of Chef Julie-approved practicality. Cutting and washing of vegetables can be done directly over the sink grid, which can be easily dropped right into the dishwasher when the task is completed. The stainless steel strainer is particularly helpful for holding those leftover vegetable bits.

To get the rainbow of vegetables nicely roasted, Chef Julie turned to the SMEG flush-mounted induction cooktop. The cooktop’s spot-on temperature precision and digital panel make it simple to control, for steady heat and an even roast. The continuous, seamless surface makes multitasking a breeze; Chef Julie effortlessly moved from the pan of beets to the heirloom carrots to the steaming risotto. Each burner was on simultaneously, and individual temperature gauges ensured the perfect finish for each dish.

For the meal’s main course, Chef Julie wanted to incorporate the New Year’s tradition of a fresh slate with a healthful meal. By steaming the red snapper and the branzino, the fat content is reduced and the fish stays moist, allowing the flavors to come to full potential.

The SMEG steam convection oven combines both cooking modes, to finish and crisp up the food. Using steam is not only faster, it creates deliciously healthy and moist dishes.

The steamed fish flaked perfectly, the risotto was creamy, and the vegetables were tender. The visual feast of bright colors was almost as satisfying as the meal itself. Chef Julie celebrated her success with a glass of champagne. The post-meal clean-up is made less tedious by the facility of the kitchen. Vegetable ends were gathered from the strainer, the smooth quartz counter top was wiped down with soapy water (no chemicals needed,) and the convection oven was wiped clean. Leftovers, of course, went home for further savoring.

Is it possible for a meal to be more delicious because it was easy to make? We think so. The features of a NOLI modern Italian kitchen makes effortless meals possible and proves la dolce vita is really only ever a few steps away.

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