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Finding Fabulous Kitchen Flooring

The Remodel is Not Complete Until You Pick What’s Under Your Feet

When designing a new, modern kitchen there’s one very important thing you have to take a stand on (literally as well as figuratively): your kitchen flooring. 

Many NOLI clients go with one particular option when it comes to flooring and I’ll tell you why. In modern Italian design sleek tiles are usually the way to go. Tiles provide nearly endless design possibilities when it comes to color, style, and pattern. Tiled flooring is also durable and can be sustainable depending on the sourcing materials used. So, what type of tile will you choose?

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Tiled Kitchen Flooring – A Grand Choice For Sleek Design

Here’s the thing about tiled flooring – it’s versatile! Installing brand-new tiled flooring is a popular choice and gives you options when it comes to colors and patterns. White and greys are great colors for the modern kitchen. Natural stones are also perfect for embracing Italian design which is very much about incorporating natural elements within the home.

Tiled flooring can have an awesome effect on design and is more water-resistant compared to hardwood flooring. Our favorite types of tiled flooring are porcelain and stone. 

We’ve loved incorporating beautiful, grand (large) porcelain tiles on many NOLI projects. Porcelain tile, a denser version of ceramic tile, is great for kitchen floors. It’s easier to install, often more affordable, and more durable compared to other flooring. Porcelain tile holds up to wear and tear and offers a high-end look and feel. It’s a fabulous flooring choice for your modern Italian kitchen.

Explore the NOLI portfolio to see beautiful porcelain floors:

Stone flooring also provides unique options for design for more of a “one-of-a-kind” effect – especially natural stone. There are various styles that imitate stone. Stone tile is usually made from travertine, marble, slate, or granite. Stone is durable and will last through the ages. It’s also waterproof, which is great for the kitchen. Stone is also a fabulous flooring choice for your modern Italian kitchen.

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A Note On Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are durable and sustainable – two top benefits that are hard to ignore. On the other hand, wood is not as water resistant as tile and might need special treatment to guard against stains. Hardwood flooring is still a common choice that also provides modern design options when it comes to colors and patterns. We favor tiled flooring whenever possible, at least where the prep and cooking action happens.

So, which kitchen flooring is best?

We believe tiled flooring is best. Porcelain and stone flooring are both solid selections for modern kitchen designs. To decide which kitchen flooring is best, consider the points and benefits above to deduce what matters most for your home and your family. Another important consideration is what flooring you have currently. 

Peruse Our Portfolio for Inspiration

NOLI clients, known for their impeccable taste, have beautiful flooring. Find inspiration for flooring in our portfolio.

Looking for more ideas?

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