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Selecting the Best Countertop Stone

Curated Countertop Stone

Anyone who’s completed a kitchen remodel (or is considering one) knows the importance of picking the right countertop material. Design-wise, the wrong material or color is a disaster. And as far as environmental and sourcing standards – transparency is not a word often used to describe suppliers of stone and other popular materials used in modern kitchens today. 

None of the above are challenges at NOLI because of our relationships with incredible, experienced fabricators in Italy. Through our partnerships, we also have access to one of the top suppliers of modern and elegant natural stones. This allows us to be a one-stop shop offering design services, custom cabinet fabrications, and curated stone countertops.

Our partners in Italy enable us to import sophisticated Italian craftsmanship directly into our clients’ homes in the greater Cincinnati area. From just outside of Verona (an area renowned for cabinetry and stone) to the Queen City, we’re bringing more of la dolce vita to the area one remodel at a time.

Selecting the Best Countertop Stone | NOLI Modern Italian Living

Access to the Best Stone Suppliers and Fabricators

Via our cabinet fabricators, NOLI partners with best-in-class stone suppliers in Italy. Outside of Verona, our partners MAISTRI and minotticucine are located near Antolini – a stone supplier like no other. Founded in 1956, you could say Antolini has been living and breathing stone for more than 65 years 🙂. 

MAISTRI, minotticucine, and Antolini are located just miles from each other – in an area outside of Verona known for excellence as far as cabinet craftsmanship and stone fabrication. This close proximity enables many innovative collaborations. In fact, this is how minotticucine worked with their local partners to develop and market the first all-stone kitchen in the ’90s.

Like Antolini, most luxury Italian fabricators and suppliers have been in business for over half a century, since the 1940s and 1950s. This deep history and lineage of quality design and craftsmanship is a special phenomenon you can’t find in many other places in the world. 

Our relationship with high-end suppliers in Italy creates a cohesive process when it comes to finding the absolute best countertop stone for your kitchen remodel. The design ethos is seamless and time-tested. We leverage our collective experience to find unique options for your project, complementing other finish selections. Our deep collaborations deliver stunning, ‘haute couture’ stone countertops with European cabinets that you won’t find anywhere else.

Selecting the Best Countertop Stone | NOLI Modern Italian Living

Why Use Natural Stone for Your Modern Italian Kitchen

Besides the aesthetic appeal (which is always top of mind for us 🙂) there are a lot of reasons to select natural stone for your new kitchen countertop. Natural stone is durable, beautiful, and timeless – pure essence of our design ethos. Stone is a material that will always be in style, and desirable. With proper care – your stone countertop will last a lifetime (and longer). 

Natural stone is also … well, natural. Unlike other countertop options, real stone is found in nature – making it a sustainable choice. Finally (back to the aesthetics) there are infinite stone patterns and colors found in nature. A natural stone countertop can be a true showstopper in your new kitchen, and it can be uniquely sourced and fabricated to specific requirements. That is of course when your countertop is designed using the right kitchen design partner – like NOLI.

Which stone is best for kitchen countertops?

Popular stone options for modern kitchen countertops are:

  • Limestone – a gorgeous natural stone although can require extra maintenance
  • Marble – the only thing not to love about luxurious marble is maintenance and cost
  • Granite – a perennial favorite, durable timeless that can be found at multiple cost points 
Selecting the Best Countertop Stone | NOLI Modern Italian Living

Our favorite natural stones are quartzite or porphyry. Quartzite resembles marble but is way more durable. Quartzite is available in almost any color and can have statuary, vein-like patterns. The design effect can be stunning as seen in this modern residence in Hyde Park.

Not well-known in the U.S., and a best-kept secret for architectural kitchens, porphyry is a volcanic rock similar to granite. Porphyry is often red or purple with light-colored crystals. Porphyry has an ancient history and was used to build important monuments and other Egyptian and Roman structures. In Roman times red porphyry was considered prestigious and majestic.

Find the Perfect Countertop

If a kitchen remodel is in your future and you’d like to learn more about the best natural stone countertop options and NOLI design services – get in touch with our team today.

Looking for more ideas?

NOLI has recently completed a full showroom renovation to bring the latest in kitchen and architectural interiors to life. For a private appointment to discuss your next redesign project.

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