Design a Home Office that Inspires

How to design a home office that inspires

When you walk into a well-designed home office, you may not fully understand what makes it so pleasing to the eye and spirit. You simply know this is a space where you feel you can think clearly, work effectively, and breathe easily. But exceptional design doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the result of the careful, intentional selection of key pieces that work synchronistically to create an inspiring environment. And the most important element of a successful home office is, of course, the person who will be working in it.  

A space that uplifts

Many professionals have recently experienced the challenges of working in a temporary space, as the global pandemic reshaped our entire approach to work. A home office shouldn’t be considered a temporary or transitional use of space, however. Rather, it should be the place within the home that both supports you and inspires you to work at your peak level. 

When choosing the location of your office, look for open space that allows for a generously sized desk and cabinetry, as well as access to natural light. For some professionals, this could be an unused formal living room, a secondary bedroom, or even your kitchen. With the use of modern cabinetry and countertops, nearly any room can become a beautiful and functional home office. 


Key pieces that center and ground you

How do you work best? With large, open work surfaces and cabinets that hide away technology, or with open shelving that allows you to keep everything essential perfectly organized and in view? Spend some time imagining your ideal work environment, both for the work you do now and the work you wish to do next. Your desk or work surface will likely be the first and most important piece you choose for your new office, followed closely by storage shelves and cabinetry. 

If you work with an office design expert, you can choose from an extensive array of custom-tailored pieces that offer you both beauty and functionality. NOLI works with fabricators such as OLIVIERI who specialize in foundational pieces that can be combined to fit your specific needs—and customized in colors, materials and finishes that will perfectly reflect your personal style.

Working with light, color, and space

Will you conduct meetings in your home office space, or frequently take part in video conference calls? Do you require quiet, subdued lighting and a neutral color palate or do you prefer bright, primary colors that excite you? Are there art and decor pieces that you want to make a focal part of the room? Once again, working with a design professional can help you ensure your home office design meets all your needs—from an intentionally designed layout, to streamlined work surfaces and cabinetry, to elegant and modern lighting options.


Ready to get started? NOLI’s here to help. Contact us today to explore modern home office design solutions to fit your unique needs.

Looking for more ideas?

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