An Architectural Firm’s Design-Forward Café

When it came to re-inventing their company’s common areas, one of Cincinnati’s largest architectural firms faced a unique challenge. These spaces were part of a building-wide remodeling project to better position their brand and emphasize the firm’s open, collaborative environment. The common areas needed to be efficient, beautiful, and above all, inviting—perfect for employees and visiting guests to relax, connect, and collaborate.

Based on the fabrication quality, modern design, and value of the proposed casework, the firm chose NOLI. The result? A fun and productive collaboration with their in-house architectural design team that took on new kitchenettes on every floor – including the board room – and the employees’ café on the ground floor.

Filled with natural light and open air, the large open space features multiple alcoves, group tables, and casual conversational seating. The focal point of the café is a state-of-the-art kitchen island with whisper-quiet beveled drawers, multiple dishwashers and under-counter microwaves hidden behind MAISTRI cabinets, and a sliding countertop that instantly creates additional, convenient seating with a hand push.

NOLI Modern

Capitalizing on natural earth tones echoed in the café’s leather seating, the cabinetry and countertops feature deep charcoal and cool buff colors, with sleek, uninterrupted lines characteristic of modern Italian design. The monolithic island is realized with the architectural GIZA cabinets.

NOLI Modern

Behind the island, employees have everything they need at their fingertips, from a professional-grade beverage station and deep sink, to multiple pull-out drink coolers and minimalist shelving for dishware. The refrigeration columns remain tucked out of sight behind discreet, no-handle panels, and indirect lighting keeps every element in perfect focus.

NOLI Modern

Thoughtfully created to encourage the flow of ideas and engagement, this café space also needed to provide ample storage and be easily maintained. Both requirements were elegantly met with the wraparound design of the central unit, featuring a recycling station and paneled storage cabinets.

NOLI Modern

Clean, simple, open and invigorating, the café is well-suited for an architectural powerhouse, providing employees and guests with a refreshing, restorative meeting space.

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