What Does Made In Italy Truly Mean?

The expression “Made in Italy” calls to mind elegance and refinement. It speaks to a culture respected the world over, with a rich heritage in architecture, art, history, religion, cuisine and fashion. When applied to products, it attests to an inherently superior product made of high-quality materials that have been designed and shaped with exquisite Italian craftsmanship. 


While other countries have cheapened their brand ethos by expanding their low-cost manufacturing practices, Italian industry has thrived. Made up of mostly small and medium firms, Italian artisans and fabricators are protected by “Made in Italy” designation. This designation both certifies the authenticity of these artisans’ work and help protect them against counterfeiting. 

But to truly understand the expression “Made in Italy,” you must go beyond the basic elements of craftsmanship and style, and dive more deeply into the culture of the country.   


“Made in Italy” is, at its heart, a story that is shared from Italian fathers to sons, mothers to daughters. 

It is the tale of an artist or tradesman who has fallen in love with the product they have designed, developed and built with their own hands and hearts. It also speaks to a deep and enduring drive for excellence that echoes down the centuries. The Made in Italy story is one of families,  community and regional territories, of laughter and passion and joy. And it rings so vitally from every Italian product that you do not even need to be told “ah! This is from Italy,” to know where the beautiful piece is from.


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