Cincinnati Magazine: The Passion and Precision of Modern Italian Design

Recently, Cincinnati Magazine interviewed NOLI founder and chief visionary Agostino Fede, detailing his journey from Verona, Italy, to his role as the premier provider of luxury modern Italian kitchens and living spaces in Cincinnati. 

The article dives deep into how European design is uniquely suited to today’s sophisticated homeowner. With a focus on clean lines, sleek materials, and modern sensibility, a NOLI Italian kitchen is an elegantly minimalist creation that breathes life and light into a room. According to Fede, “It’s really about timelessness. We have a lot of masters, a lot of architects who have worked out the timeless component, which is actually taking features away. It’s a subtraction. We’re trying to eliminate all the visual noise we can.”

Read the article at Cincinnati Magazine to discover how the passion and precision of modern Italian design inspires every NOLI collaboration—and why Italian fabricators and European artistry set the bar for interior design worldwide. Then, visit the NOLI showroom to envision how you can bring the warmth and serenity of a modern Italian kitchen, living room, spa bath, or personal office to your home.

Looking for more ideas?

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