Serenity of Modern Italian Design

While appreciating the signature features of a modern Italian kitchen, subtle yet purposeful modern Italian living design themes can be observed. Surfaces are streamlined, profiles are slim, and application is seamless.

“La serenità è la vera forza della vita” – Serenity is the true strength of life. This phrase by Italian Neurobiologist and Nobel laureate, Rita Levi-Montalcini, speaks to our mind’s desire for a state of perfect calmness. It is a state that many of us find fleeting in our daily hustle, even more so when we spend long stretches of time as we do these days in our kitchens.

It is well documented that our moods are highly influenced by our personal surroundings. Color, light and space all contribute to our level of comfort when we enter a room, even more so when we spend long stretches of time as we do these days in our kitchens.


The colors in modern Italian living design don’t compete for attention. Surfaces adopt a subdued aesthetic that speaks to the simple yet true nature of the kitchen’s functionality. Textures and colors of natural kitchen finishes such as wood and stone from MAISTRI cabinets help to reclaim serenity by allowing us to be present and connected with our earth and its elements.


NOLI modern white kitchen

Research shows that a room with an abundance of light, both natural and artificial, leads to an improved overall mood. European kitchen design employs both sources of light, arranging every element to best receive natural light when it is available, and integrating thoughtful lighting solutions for when it isn’t.


NOLI showroom

Efficient and aesthetically-pleasing utilization of space is what makes a modern Italian kitchen a notably airy and easy-to-use addition to your home. Where things are, is just as important as where things are not. With strategic cabinet storage, it is simple to maintain the clean and minimal aesthetic of a modern Italian kitchen while having everything you need hiding in plain sight. Each function is placed with purpose, allowing for uninterrupted movement throughout the kitchen. Low toe kick cabinets open through recessed handle grips in place of visible hardware, allowing the streamlined surfaces to continue their harmonious flow.

Serenity should live in the heart of your home. NOLI can help by creating visual silence in one of the most valuable spaces in our lives. Learn more about our modern Italian living design philosophy, and see how people are using NOLI to bring calm and centeredness into their homes by visiting our portfolio.

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