European Kitchen Cabinets Buyer’s Guide

Buying European kitchen cabinets? Keep these 3 tips in mind.

High-quality Euro kitchen cabinets form the foundation of most kitchen remodeling projects, adding both value and timeless beauty to the heart of your home. But how do you choose the right kitchen cabinets to ensure you’ll love your new space for decades to come? Keep these three tips in mind: 

1. Choose Quality Cabinet Materials 

Well-made European cabinets are constructed of eco-friendly, recycled wood products for the box, doors, and drawer fronts. These highly durable fiberboard boxes are sheeted in melamine. Melamine protects your cabinets from stains and gives you a range of interior colors. Ask for MDF (medium-density fiberboard) panels for your kitchen cabinet doors, as they will not warp like solid wood, are better for the planet, and are ideally suited for smooth lacquers. 
You’ll also notice that modern European cabinets feature more and higher-quality hardware and metal chains than domestic products. Slim-profile metal drawers also offer enhanced performance, durability, stain resistance, and better appearance. 


2. Pay Attention to the Construction Details 

The metal-chained construction of your European kitchen cabinets creates a highly durable finished product. That quality construction ensures that your cabinet system will maintain its structural integrity for a longer time, without any need to alter design or replace cabinets. In fact, European kitchen cabinets are meant to move with their owners.

Beyond durability, these premium components will result in cabinets and drawers that are a true pleasure to use. As you sample various cabinet choices, look for whisper-smooth operation, easy and precise adjustments, and high-quality chains.   


3. Ask About Custom Cabinet Features  

Custom Euro kitchen cabinets are built to your exact specifications, tailored to the material, color and finish that fits your design vision and offers the functions you need. With high-end cabinets, you can choose unique features such as an automated appliance garage, a multi-functional expansive island, tall pantry pullouts, sliding countertops, integrated LED lighting, and more. 

Drawing on the expertise of our curated selection of the finest Italian fabricators, NOLI offers you complete customization every step of the way. From the layout of your kitchen to its unique fixtures and the materials used, we will help you make informed decisions. In addition, our custom fabrication partners are committed to sustainable business practices, ensuring that your cabinets are made with a respect for nature and function. 

Interested in the newest designs of European kitchen cabinetry?  Visit the NOLI showroom to see what’s possible.

Looking for more ideas?

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