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NOLI Modern Italian Kitchens: Design and Function Combine to Create La Dolce Vita

Kitchens are where we cook up culinary magic, but the structure itself is just as important as the ingredients. Do you know the difference between a NOLI Modern Italian Kitchen and other kitchens? It’s in the design. We believe that function is just as important as design – and luckily, we use MAISTRI Italian kitchen cabinets that combine both design and function for a seamless (literally) and more efficient kitchen experience that makes life easier and even sweeter.

Our contemporary kitchen designs are embedded in the collections Altea, Arena, Giza, Viva, Arka, Keralta, Melia and Tabia. Each kitchen has its own personality. Interested in a more traditional approach that still retains modernity? Tabia is right for you. Want Italian with an edge? Try Viva. A minimalist at heart? The Giza is calling your name.

NOLI 101

Seamless: NOLI contemporary kitchen designs remove the superfluous for a more beautiful and effortless appearance that also helps the home chef achieve a great meal experience, whether you’re cooking for two or twenty, every time. Take our contemporary kitchen cabinets for example. With recessed channel grips, there’s no protruding hardware to get in your way, making your time in the kitchen that much more fluid and easy.

Responsive: Our doors close with a single touch. With a NOLI Modern kitchen, there’s no need to fear a slamming cabinet door, or knocking your head on a corner as you whip up your next culinary delight. By taking the guesswork out of everyday tasks like shutting the cabinet, you have more time to devote to enjoying the fruits of your kitchen labor.

Efficient: Small touches add up to increased efficiency in the kitchen – and life. Want to maximize space in your kitchen? Several of our designs feature sliding countertops that reveal convection cooktops. Sliding countertops, for example, lets family and friends gather for conversation and appetizers on the counter side while you use the cooktop. When you’re done, slide the top back over the cold induction plates. Built-in sink colanders mean less steps to get from boiling water to al dente pasta.

Elegant: All the efficiency in the world and beautiful to boot? That’s the NOLI way. We offer a variety of modern kitchen finishes and countertops to suit your vision. From lacquer to wood, man-made quartz to natural stone, each in a range of colors and types, we want your contemporary kitchen designs to look as vibrant and harmonious as the rest of your home.

Now you know the NOLI Modern difference.

Looking for more ideas?

NOLI has recently completed a full showroom renovation to bring the latest in kitchen and architectural interiors to life. For a private appointment to discuss your next redesign project.

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