Modern Italian Design Beyond the Kitchen

When you step into a modern kitchen created on the principles of modern Italian design, you can instantly feel the difference. The open, uninterrupted lines that soothe the eye and spirit, the gorgeous textures visible in the wood paneled cabinetry and smooth stone finishes. The unmistakable blend of efficiency and warmth, in a kitchen that not only meets the needs of the most discerning cook, but maximizes the use of light and space. Modern Italian kitchens draw everyone in the house together, creating a truly communal space.

But while kitchens are often considered the heart of the home, the same design principles that make this room work so beautifully can also transform your home’s living spaces, closets, and more.

Gorgeously crafted materials built to last

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Whether you’re looking to install the perfect kitchen cabinets or create efficient, elegant shelving for a media room, living room or office, details matter. A modern kitchen based on Italian design features doors and drawers that open and close with the lightest touch, free of cluttering details, and cabinetry that hides media or office equipment behind striking, easy-to-clean surfaces. Richly textured materials in subtle patterns reflect both natural and carefully directed interior light, adding an unmistakable warmth and character to the space.

Design that quiets the mind while keeping pace with you

Modern Italian design is impressive at first glance, with its sophisticated aesthetic that is minimalist without ever feeling sterile. It is architectural and inviting. But its true worth is only fully appreciated once you begin living in and using the space every day. Much like the redesigned kitchen which becomes a haven of solitude and regeneration, no matter how chaotic your day, your living spaces will now support and add serenity to your family interactions, your work, and your creative time.

Fully personalized for your unique needs

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Perhaps even more exciting, extending these principles from your modern kitchen into your living spaces allows you to create a complete vision for your home. When you choose an expert to help you design your reimagined space, you can ensure that the most important rooms in your home work seamlessly together, flowing easily and leveraging the unique aspects of your home’s architectural features and physical location. Everything will work together, perfectly customized for your specific needs.

As you consider your potential kitchen remodel, expand your vision to the spaces that flow off that central hub—your office, living room, storage, and dining areas. And get ready to create something extraordinary.

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