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Hidden Kitchen Hoods

Prioritizing function without overpowering the space.

Here’s a classic dilemma per tutti: you need a kitchen hood to filter and vent out things like cooking grease and smoke (aka what a kitchen hood is for), but you don’t want a giant, unsightly hood vent cramping the style of your modern Italian kitchen. Looks like it’s time to…

Hide! That! Hood!

That’s right, with modern Italian design, you can have it all. And by “it all” we mean a kitchen that’s not full of smoke and a sleek, elegant living space that’s not taken over by a massive steel appliance. Exciting, we know. But to achieve this look, you’re going to need to make a plan with your designer to build a kitchen hood where form meets function so this vital appliance can be integrated seamlessly into your modern kitchen design while still performing its essential duties.

But how?

That’s where built-in appliances come in 😉

In modern Italian design, we’re a little bit obsessed with hiding things (kind of like your ex or your lover…). Ideally, these hidden appliances work with the reality of your space and their function. This approach works wonders when it comes to kitchen hoods, hood vents, and range hoods, because while they are a necessity for your kitchen they don’t need to be the center of attention.

Because the modern Italian living space tends to combine the living, dining, and kitchen spaces into one open area, we need a kitchen that is designed to fit in and flow into all three spaces, not dominate the space with its kitchen-ness.

Take a look at this example from NOLI’s portfolio to get a better idea of what we’re talking about:

Hidden Kitchen Hood in Modern Dark Kitchen

Hidden Hoods and the Modern Kitchen

When it comes to designing your modern Italian kitchen, we don’t want anything that’s too “in your face.” That means exiling forever the dreaded microwave-hood combo. (We shudder just to think about it…) With this in mind, the best kitchen hood is one that puts performance first (i.e. high airflow and low noise level) and style second (materials, room dimensions, etc…)

So how do we achieve this? Well first you need to know about the types of kitchen hoods:

  • Updraft Hoods — A hood located over the range where ventilation is sucked up into a fan, passes through a filter, and either exits through a duct or is re-circulated into the kitchen. These can be a wall mount, ceiling mount, or insert. They can also be cabinet inserts or fully dedicated and visible range hoods attached to the wall or suspended from the ceiling (like above the kitchen island).
  • Downdraft Hoods — A hood positioned at the cooktop level that pulls air down and vents it outside.

As we previously stated, the easier your hood vent is to hide, the happier your modern Italian designer will be. One method for doing this that we love is by blending the hood into the surrounding cabinetry, like what you see here:

Hidden Kitchen Hood in modern Cincinnati kitchen

This flush-mounted, sleek built-in hood blends in surrounding cabinets, making it both functional and high-design. When it comes to blending your kitchen hood into the countertop, there are two main approaches:

  • Designing a separate cooktop and hood that either lifts up mechanically for use and then retracts OR a creating hood cover/top that is flush with the surface and which top cover can be customized with the same material to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding kitchen.
  • Creating fixed drafting module(s) typically between cooking elements that has an open grate, or hood integrated with the induction cooktop appliance, typically in its center so aspirated from all sides.

As you can see, there are lots of options when it comes to hiding your kitchen hood in a way that still allows it to serve its purpose without overpowering your kitchen.

But what if hiding your kitchen hood isn’t an option? Never fear! There are still ways to have a visible hood while maintaining the luxury and style of modern Italian design.

Visible Hood Designs: Form Follows Function

When hiding the hood isn’t an option, form must follow function. (That’s basically the modern Italian designer’s motto). That’s where FALMEC hoods come in. These unobtrusive hoods fit seamlessly into your kitchen’s design, while still remaining visible.

Take this example here:

Visible hood design with a modern and clean look

In this kitchen, a custom steel exterior was created with a standard hood appliance. Once again, the point is to create a hood vent that blends into its surroundings so you can avoid overpowering the area with one single appliance.

Hidden Hoods Are Possible

The good news: ventilating your kitchen without overpowering it with massive, noisy appliances is possible. (We literally just told you how.)

All it takes is a creative, thoughtful design process centered on the multiple ways you can incorporate the modern Italian aesthetic into the style of your kitchen hood – from its placement in your kitchen to the materials used to create it. Modern Italian design means creating spaces where appliances blend into their surroundings in a way that serves the appliance’s function while still maintaining sleek, beautiful design.

Still not sure where to get started? We’re here to help. Use NOLI to design your modern Italian kitchen with hidden appliances so sleek and understated you’ll almost forget they’re there.

Until it’s time to use them, that is…😉

Looking for more ideas?

NOLI has recently completed a full showroom renovation to bring the latest in kitchen and architectural interiors to life. For a private appointment to discuss your next redesign project.

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