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Experiencing the Kitchen of Your Dreams

How do you feel when you walk into your kitchen? How do you want to feel? These are the two critical questions that rest at the core of any successful European kitchen remodel. Working with a design professional from the very beginning of the process can help you shape the ideal kitchen for your specific needs.

While everyone’s vision is different, if your goal is a European kitchen that makes you feel inspired, serene, and connected to nature, there are few design styles that can deliver that better than a kitchen built on the principles of modern Italian design.

A stroll through the showroom of NOLI modern Italian design, located in the urban core of Cincinnati’s iconic Over-the-Rhine, gives you a taste of what that kitchen experience could be. But until you have the opportunity to visit the showroom, consider the following a “virtual” tour through the kitchen of your dreams.

The transformational entry

A photo of a modern Italian kitchen

Stepping into a thoughtfully designed kitchen should be nothing short of transformational. Your mood lightens, your spirits lift, and the rush and chaos of your day eases. The most striking element of the modern Italian kitchen is its visual quietness. The sophistication of simplicity is everywhere: uncluttered, open countertops, repeating dimensions of cabinet widths and heights, long, graceful columns and wide, uninterrupted spaces. This integration of beauty and efficiency, expressed in high-quality materials, both soothes the mind and ignites the senses.

Hidden in elegant sight

NOLI Modern

Another feature of a modern Italian kitchen is the extraordinary use of space. Appliances and storage hardware are hidden behind richly textured kitchen cabinets, a state of the art cooktop slides into view beneath a 3-inch thick cantilevered counter which then becomes a gorgeous dining surface, and perfectly insulated refrigerator nestles beside a well-lit walk-in pantry, stacked ovens, and a whisper quiet dishwasher. All doors open to tuck into their own pockets, leaving your kitchen gloriously accessible while you are cooking, and sleek and tidy while you dine or entertain.

The dazzle is in the details

NOLI Modern

Looking closer, you see it is often the smallest features that create the most powerful impact. Doors that open and close with a touch, anchored with three amortized hinges and reveal pull-out trays, beveled drawers that soft-close flush to create a seamless surface.

Who will fill your European kitchen and how will you share this space with them? Depending on your answer, you’ll choose from fully customizable lighting, cabinetry, finishes and kitchen island options, the highest quality concealed hardware to match your unique cooking style, and the perfect combination of ovens, cooktop, and refrigeration components.

Ready to create your kitchen?

The first step to European design is to let yourself dream a little as you explore the features and possibilities of a modern Italian kitchen. That exploration is only a phone call away. You can tour the NOLI kitchen showcase by personal appointment, and experience the passion of Italian design first hand.

Looking for more ideas?

NOLI has recently completed a full showroom renovation to bring the latest in kitchen and architectural interiors to life. For a private appointment to discuss your next redesign project.

NOLI Modern

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