Creating a More Harmonious Kitchen

Modern kitchen ideas reflect our new lifestyles, and whether you’re an avid chef who relishes blissful hours in the kitchen, or a WFH professional now using the space as an office, education center, conference room and cafeteria, the kitchen holds a unique role in the home. Not only is it the natural center of human connections for you and your family, it can help improve your mood, soothe your worries, and give you the gift of peace of mind.

Achieving that sense of serenity isn’t always easy, but a well-designed and maintained kitchen and open living space can help. From simple adjustments to a full renovation, these modern kitchen ideas will get you started.

The joy of simple, clean, and beautiful

Noli Modern Giza Mitered Doors and Panels Meet at Corner

A truly harmonious kitchen is one that is free of extra clutter, open and airy—regardless of your kitchen’s layout. The next time you deep clean your kitchen, take your cues from modern Italian design, which features streamlined surfaces that celebrate light and nature. Clear off every countertop, open the blinds of the nearest windows, and live in the space without clutter for an afternoon or two.

How does your mood change? How does your mind react to a space filled solely by open surfaces and natural light? Before you return items to countertops or tuck them into corners, brainstorm ways you can store your kitchen equipment out of sight. Never underestimate the power of subtraction when it comes to creating a beautiful, calming space. Visual silence is quieting. Consider reorganizing your kitchen cabinets and pantry, or repurposing shelving in nearby closets to keep your kitchen open and inviting.

In addition, focus on bringing the outside in. The kitchen is at its best when it celebrates nature, from richly toned wood and stone, to bright splashes of warm light, to a tranquil view out to a tree or strategically located fresh herbs. How can you add these elements to your space?

Taking the next step

Viva Collection Noli Modern Italian Kitchen

If the modern kitchen idea of a serene, calming space that engages the senses appeals to you, consider incorporating the principles of Italian design into a full NOLI kitchen renovation.

With a combination of rich, neutral tones and sleek lines, today’s modern Italian kitchen cabinets from providers like Maistri and minotticucine offer supremely well-crafted materials that can be fully customized to your needs. Featuring easy-to-clean surfaces that are a joy to maintain, these cabinets blend seamlessly with integrated appliances, paneled, under counter or beneath a sleek, efficient kitchen island. Thoughtful elements like recessed channel grips, low toe kicks, and soft-closing, concealing pocket doors add to your kitchen’s efficiency and luxury. Best of all, this design approach can be extended into your living room to continue the flow of serenity throughout your home.

Creating a harmonious kitchen and open living space is a process well worth your time and effort. Start with making simple adjustments to your current setup, then explore kitchen renovation projects, and imagine the possibilities for a space that will be a joy for you and your family for years to come.

Looking for more ideas?

NOLI has recently completed a full showroom renovation to bring the latest in kitchen and architectural interiors to life. For a private appointment to discuss your next redesign project.


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