Modern Italian Kitchen

The Happiest Space in Your Home

No matter the size of your house, or how large or small your family, the kitchen is likely the place where you all come together multiple times during the day. It’s where you converse, prepare food, eat and drink, and often the first room you enter and the last room you leave whenever you depart … Continued

Modern Italian Design Beyond the Kitchen

When you step into a modern kitchen created on the principles of modern Italian design, you can instantly feel the difference. The open, uninterrupted lines that soothe the eye and spirit, the gorgeous textures visible in the wood paneled cabinetry and smooth stone finishes. The unmistakable blend of efficiency and warmth, in a kitchen that … Continued

An Architect’s Take on Modern

A Cincinnati architect and his wife chose a modern kitchen design in their Findlay Market townhouse from NOLI Modern Italian Kitchens. This kitchen needed to be as functional as aesthetically pleasing, and be the focal point of the house. A classic, simple layout met the design objectives. The monolithic kitchen island is an architectural counterbalance … Continued

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