An Architect’s Take on Modern

This architect and his wife chose NOLI for their Findlay Market townhouse. This kitchen needed to be as functional as aesthetically pleasing, and be the focal point of the house. A classic, simple layout met the design objectives. The monolithic island is an architectural counterbalance to the kitchen wall and its flush-mount or panelled appliances. … Continued

Italian Design 101

In a world overflowing with noise – static from our streaming, traffic, advertising – modern Italian design is a quiet oasis. By stripping the noise away from the things that provide valuable function in our lives, we are able to focus, produce and rest. It is design made for harmony, not just for show. Let’s … Continued

A Chef’s Journey at NOLI

It’s a new year, and there’s no better reason to gather family and friends around the kitchen.A NOLI modern Italian kitchen offers the most streamlined efficiency, along with top-model integrated appliances, for the ultimate dolce vita experience. Adopting a healthy lifestyle as a New Year resolution is even easier with a NOLI modern Italian kitchen. … Continued

NOLI Modern Italian Kitchens: Design and Function Combine to Create La Dolce Vita

Kitchens are where we cook up culinary magic, but the structure itself is just as important as the ingredients. Do you know the difference between a NOLI Modern Italian Kitchen and other kitchens? It’s in the design. We believe that function is just as important as design – and luckily, we represent MAISTRI, Italian kitchen … Continued

Alberto Minotti Defines Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design

NOLI is proud to collaborate with Alberto Minotti, Artistic Director of minotticucine and MAISTRI in creating bespoke kitchens that feature modern kitchen cabinet designs artfully blended with contemporary kitchen elements such as unique kitchen islands and European appliances. Alberto Minotti has been immersed in architecture and kitchens since his childhood in Verona, Italy. He entered … Continued

NOLI Hosts VIP Section for Flavor of Findlay

Since 1852, Findlay Market has been a Cincinnati treasure with a rich history as well as the distinction of Ohio’s oldest continually operated public market. In June of this year, Findlay Market was the only U.S. food market to make Newsweek’s top 10 list of the world’s must-visit food markets. Findlay Market has long been … Continued

Contemporary Kitchen Design – The NOLI Way

Each custom kitchen design should be as unique as the individual who inspired it. NOLI celebrates this by embracing the Italian approach to contemporary kitchen design. This is a vision that places you and your lifestyle at the center of your kitchen design.

NOLI Highlighted in Modern Italian Living Feature

NOLI works with both individual clients and representative design teams to develop beautiful modern Italian kitchens. Every detail of installation and service is guided by NOLI through communication with architects, interior designers and builders.

Celebrate Italian design, discover lifestyle tips, and learn about the additional services we offer. 

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