What Makes an Award-Winning Kitchen?

From splashy architectural design magazine spreads to national TV shows to online competitions, the idea of an award-winning kitchen is one that fascinates everyone from armchair decorators to the most sophisticated designers worldwide. But what makes an award-winning kitchen? The answers may surprise you. “A best-of-show kitchen is more than simply fantastic materials and exceptional … Continued

Your Kitchen, Reimagined: Design Trends for 2021

  If you want to truly know a home (and by extension, the people who live in it), visit the kitchen. More so than any other room in the house, the kitchen has become the most authentic expression of a family’s personality and priorities. And as we turn the corner into 2021, luxury design trends … Continued

What’s new in modern living solutions? See for yourself at NOLI

As we consider the extraordinary events of 2020 and recognize their impact in the months (and even years) to come, it’s good to reflect on how we have changed as well. So many of us have transitioned to living, working and celebrating more and more within our homes. As a result, we’ve learned we all … Continued

What Matters Most in the Kitchen

Contemporary designers agree that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home—not only for your family today, but also for future resale. As you consider updating your kitchen, completing a full-scale remodel, or simply wish to know what to keep in mind as you consider your next residence, these key elements … Continued

The Happiest Space in Your Home

No matter the size of your house, or how large or small your family, the kitchen is likely the place where you all come together multiple times during the day. It’s where you converse, prepare food, eat and drink, and often the first room you enter and the last room you leave whenever you depart … Continued

Sculpting Spaces with Light

Light has long been used by designers to focus the mind and delight the eye, whether by drawing attention to hidden spaces or to create a new perspective in a room. The effective use of light is one of the cornerstones of modern Italian design, and it is also one of the easiest principles to … Continued

What Makes Modern Italian Designed Cabinets Special?

Your first experience of a well-designed cabinet may be in a kitchen catalog, with glossy pictures featuring attractive finishes, sleek countertops and thoughtfully constructed shelving space. To truly understand how impressive these cabinets are, however, you should visit a showroom and experience them in person. NOLI Modern Italian Design, located in OTR by Cincinnati’s Findlay … Continued

Conquering Clutter the Modern Italian Way

As we all have spent more time inside our homes these past several months, you have undoubtedly started viewing your space with a new perspective. Are there too many items sitting on your counters and crowding your cupboards? Do you feel like your kitchen and living spaces are too cluttered? If so, you’re not alone. … Continued

An Architectural Firm’s Design-Forward Café

When it came to re-inventing their company’s common areas, one of Cincinnati’s largest architectural firms faced a unique challenge. These spaces were part of a building-wide remodeling project to better position their brand and emphasize the firm’s open, collaborative environment. The common areas needed to be efficient, beautiful, and above all, inviting—perfect for employees and … Continued

Experiencing the Kitchen of Your Dreams

How do you feel when you walk into your kitchen? How do you want to feel? These are the two critical questions that rest at the core of any successful European kitchen remodel. Working with a design professional from the very beginning of the process can help you shape the ideal kitchen for your specific … Continued

Modern Italian Design Beyond the Kitchen

When you step into a modern kitchen created on the principles of modern Italian design, you can instantly feel the difference. The open, uninterrupted lines that soothe the eye and spirit, the gorgeous textures visible in the wood paneled cabinetry and smooth stone finishes. The unmistakable blend of efficiency and warmth, in a kitchen that … Continued

Creating a More Harmonious Kitchen

Modern kitchen ideas reflect our new lifestyles, and whether you’re an avid chef who relishes blissful hours in the kitchen, or a WFH professional now using the space as an office, education center, conference room and cafeteria, the kitchen holds a unique role in the home. Not only is it the natural center of human … Continued

The Perfect Modern Kitchen for a Changing World

Now more than ever, the value of modern kitchen cabinets becomes clear. A kitchen designed to be functional, inviting, and serene makes the time spent in that important space a relaxing and re-energizing experience. It can also help lift the stress and worries of the day for everyone, with every use. Below are just a … Continued

Serenity of Modern Italian Design

While appreciating the signature features of a modern Italian kitchen, subtle yet purposeful modern Italian living design themes can be observed. Surfaces are streamlined, profiles are slim, and application is seamless. “La serenità è la vera forza della vita” – Serenity is the true strength of life. This phrase by Italian Neurobiologist and Nobel laureate, … Continued

A New Appreciation for Kitchens

The world has experienced an upheaval due to COVID-19 over the last month. As we actively stay at home, to help stop the spread of the virus, we have become more centered in our homes. The kitchen is now where so much of our daily living happens.  Maybe it’s answering emails over coffee in the … Continued

An Architect’s Take on Modern

A Cincinnati architect and his wife chose a modern kitchen design in their Findlay Market townhouse from NOLI Modern Italian Kitchens. This kitchen needed to be as functional as aesthetically pleasing, and be the focal point of the house. A classic, simple layout met the design objectives. The monolithic kitchen island is an architectural counterbalance … Continued

Italian Design 101

In a world overflowing with noise – static from our streaming, traffic, advertising – modern Italian design is a quiet oasis. By stripping the noise away from the things that provide valuable function in our lives, we are able to focus, produce and rest. It is design made for harmony, not just for show. Let’s … Continued

A Chef’s Journey at NOLI

It’s a new year, and there’s no better reason to gather family and friends around the kitchen. A NOLI modern Italian kitchen offers the most streamlined efficiency, along with top-model integrated appliances, for the ultimate dolce vita experience. Adopting a healthy lifestyle as a New Year resolution is even easier with a NOLI modern Italian … Continued

NOLI Modern Italian Kitchens: Design and Function Combine to Create La Dolce Vita

Kitchens are where we cook up culinary magic, but the structure itself is just as important as the ingredients. Do you know the difference between a NOLI Modern Italian Kitchen and other kitchens? It’s in the design. We believe that function is just as important as design – and luckily, we use MAISTRI Italian kitchen … Continued

Alberto Minotti Defines Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design

NOLI is proud to collaborate with Alberto Minotti, Artistic Director of minotticucine and MAISTRI in creating bespoke kitchens that feature modern kitchen cabinet designs artfully blended with contemporary kitchen elements such as unique kitchen islands and European appliances. Alberto Minotti has been immersed in architecture and kitchens since his childhood in Verona, Italy. He entered … Continued

NOLI Hosts VIP Section for Flavor of Findlay

Since 1852, Findlay Market has been a Cincinnati treasure with a rich history as well as the distinction of Ohio’s oldest continually operated public market. In June of this year, Findlay Market was the only U.S. food market to make Newsweek’s top 10 list of the world’s must-visit food markets. Findlay Market has long been … Continued

Contemporary Kitchen Design – The NOLI Way

Each custom kitchen design should be as unique as the individual who inspired it. NOLI celebrates this by embracing the Italian approach to contemporary kitchen design. This is a vision that places you and your lifestyle at the center of your kitchen design.

NOLI Highlighted in Modern Italian Living Feature

NOLI works with both individual clients and representative design teams to develop beautiful modern Italian kitchens. Every detail of installation and service is guided by NOLI through communication with architects, interior designers and builders.

Celebrate Italian design, discover lifestyle tips, and learn about the additional services we offer. 

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