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Alberto Minotti Defines Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design

NOLI is proud to collaborate with Alberto Minotti, Artistic Director of minotticucine and MAISTRI in creating bespoke kitchens that feature modern kitchen cabinet designs artfully blended with contemporary kitchen elements such as unique kitchen islands and European appliances.

Alberto Minotti

Alberto Minotti has been immersed in architecture and kitchens since his childhood in Verona, Italy. He entered the family business at a young age. He worked alongside his parents in the production of kitchens, characterized by superior craftsmanship, technical quality, and a contemporary taste.

Early in his career, Minotti drew inspiration from the natural stone used in the church of San Giorgio, not far from minotticucine headquarters in the province of Verona. Minotti kitchen designs use solid stone as well as a minimalist style.

Alberto Minotti took over the family business in the 1990’s and introduced his philosophy of ‘Mediterranean essentialism’, a design characterized by the concept of “visual silence”. Minotti kitchens feature a pure and somewhat primitive aesthetic, which imbues spiritual strength and integrity.

Under Minotti’s direction, minotticucine became the first company to:

  • create furniture systems that hide functional items in a kitchen
  • use 60mm (2 ½ inch) solid stone slab worktops with a natural broken edge
  • manufacture solid stone kitchens

Today, MAISTRI and minotticucine continue to set the mark for modern kitchen cabinet design. We see visual elements reduced to a minimum and conventional design details, such as handles, hinges, and fixtures, disappear from view. Though the working features are concealed, function and usability are never sacrificed in these modern kitchen cabinet designs. The result is a custom-designed kitchen that is a work of art to behold.

NOLI European kitchen

MAISTRI Italian kitchen cabinets and MinottiCucine are exclusively represented by Cincinnati’s NOLI Modern Italian Kitchens located at Findlay Market. Explore these beautiful modern kitchen cabinet designs and begin the journey to discover your own dolce vita. Contact NOLI today.

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