A photo of a modern Italian kitchen by NOLI

Your Kitchen, Reimagined: Design Trends for 2021

Modern house interior - Italianate House - NOLI Modern Italian Living
Modern house interior – Italianate House – NOLI Modern Italian Living

If you want to truly know a home (and by extension, the people who live in it), visit the kitchen. More so than any other room in the house, the kitchen has become the most authentic expression of a family’s personality and priorities. And as we turn the corner into 2021, luxury design trends like those found in a modern Italian kitchen indicate that those priorities will continue to be celebrated in exciting, visually stunning ways.

Functionality is only the beginning
Make no mistake, the modern kitchen still needs to execute its primary role effectively. Customized solutions such as cooling and warming drawers, steam ovens, blue-tooth enabled appliances, and restaurant-quality cooktops took center stage in 2020, and that trend will only continue in the coming year. In addition, wide, open countertops that invite the eye and soothe the senses became a must-have for kitchens that served as a gathering and work location throughout the day, vs. strictly at mealtimes.

Nowhere is this trend more obvious than the kitchen island, a monolith that can feature beautiful finishes and elegant detailing, and be accessorized with sinks, cooktops, hydration centers and sliding, cantilevered countertops to expand the space. If you haven’t seen the latest expression of the kitchen island, you can’t truly appreciate its luxury. Visit our showroom to experience it for yourself.

However, as we spent more time in our own kitchens—cooking, working, eating, and entertaining—a second trend emerged in 2020 as well: the desire to make the kitchen a statement piece.

Modern Café Interior - Architectural Firm's Design-Forward Cafe - NOLI Modern Italian Living
Modern Café Interior – Architectural Firm’s Design-Forward Cafe – NOLI Modern Italian Living

The kitchen as a work of art
Perhaps the easiest way to express yourself in the kitchen is through the choice of exceptional materials. According to designers surveyed by HouseBeautiful.com, richly veined marble combined with warm earth-tones in kitchen cabinets and flooring have helped elevate the modern kitchen to a work of art—and homeowners also proved eager to experiment with out-of-the-ordinary design finishes such as leather-wrapped cabinets or hammered-brass backsplashes. Whether experimenting with bright pops of color, or balancing elegant cabinetry and high-tech appliances with a flare of vintage appeal in a lighting fixture or antique table, the modern kitchen provides ample opportunity for self-expression.

A photo of a modern Italian kitchen

Keeping it simple
A hallmark of Modern Italian Design, the sleek, sophisticated kitchen will continue to attract discerning chefs and on-trend homeowners alike in 2021. Recessed handle grips, low-touch openings and solid surfaces with minimal detail and fuss highlight the cleanliness and beauty of exceptional cabinetry. Thoughtfully designed, beautifully lit shelving provides easy access to everything you need, while allowing you to hide it away behind smooth-paneled doors to instantly return the kitchen to a place of serenity and visual stillness.

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