Top Architectural Interior Design Trends for 2022

What’s on the horizon for residential interior design trends in 2022? Curated spaces, intentional design, and a commitment to living with passion will color most decisions of the discerning homeowner this year. See how these trends pair effortlessly with the principles of modern Italian design.

Minimalism: A bold new beginning 

After the tumultuous social and health events of 2020 and 2021, and the dramatic changes they brought that caused many homeowners to gravitate toward softer, more muted color palettes, today’s homeowner is looking to bring dynamic, bold colors back into their interior spaces. According to Architectural Digest, design touches that are heavy on the personality will dominate in 2022, whether with a touch of nostalgia, a nod to high-tech, or a view toward vintage. The trick to making this trend work for you? Minimalism. Choose one striking accent piece to draw the eye and delight the spirit, while keeping the surrounding spaces serene and clutter-free. 


A breath of fresh air

Even before lockdowns drove so many of us indoors, the trend toward cultivating a more natural space filled with light was gaining traction. Biophilic design principles will continue to attract attention in 2022, as homeowners seek to create calming, plant-friendly environments that clear the air, elevate moods, and establish a visual connection with nature. In your own home, consider adding plants that suit your lifestyle and space—and consider letting your rooms “breathe” more easily by lightening window treatments and clearing the space of unnecessary furniture that blocks the flow of light and air. In addition, the color green is “the” hot color trend of the year, as brands like Benjamin Moore, Farrow and Ball, and Sherwin-Williams all include various shades of green in their lists for most popular paint colors of 2022. 

A celebration of natural textures and materials

According to top designers interviewed by Vogue, both base materials and finishes will trend decidedly toward nature in 2022. Homeowners are using stone, wood, ceramic, and marble throughout the home, from backsplashes to bathtubs, furniture, and decorative objects. The raw, variegated nature of organic materials adds depth to any open space, and once again connects the interior rooms of the home with the outdoors, encouraging the flow of energy and light. In your home, consider installing cabinets featuring stone and wood in your next redesign project, or complementing your existing décor with a signature piece of stoneware or carved wood. 

A shift from open living to multi-functional living

Perhaps one of the most exciting trends this year is a shift toward multi-functional living, where interior spaces are tasked with serving dual purposes—such as kitchen countertops that shift from food preparation spaces to dining areas to home office worktops, and living area wall units that can transform a room from a study to a multi-media space to a gracious and welcoming entertaining center. Looking to incorporate this exciting trend into your home? NOLI partners with trusted experts such as OLIVIERI to create the perfect interior units to fit your space and design needs—and with MAISTRI for cabinetry and countertops to provide functionality and beauty as you work, cook, and entertain with effortless style.  

Looking to bring the newest, most vibrant interior design trends into your home in 2022? Contact NOLI to discover what’s possible.

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