Ideas for Creating Award-Winning Home Office Design

How to create an award-winning home office design 

Once considered an occasional luxury, working from home has become a way of life for many professionals, which means the need for a dedicated home office workspace often tops homeowners’ remodel wish lists. But how do you create an award-winning home office design that inspires you? Read on for our top suggestions.

1. Consider what environments most inspire you

The best home office design should serve the person who works in it, first and foremost. Do you need a lot of clear, open space for inspiration, beautifully crafted cabinets and shelving for maximum organization, or a fantastic view? Rather than pulling together mismatched pieces—a spare desk, an extra chair, or those not-quite-perfect storage cabinets—take the time to imagine the perfect home office setup for you. Unsure of where to start? A design expert can help you understand exactly how you will use your home office, and offer perfectly curated solutions to make the most of your space. 


2. Select the perfect shelves and cabinets

While a functional, comfortable desk is undoubtedly a key focus in your home office design, well-crafted, modern shelves and cabinets can transform your home office space into a functional, supportive, and inspiring space. Whether you select built-in cabinetry or freestanding shelves, the options are endless. Open shelving allows light to stream through and highlight your most treasured items, while cabinets with doors hide away technology and provide you with a visually still, clutter-free environment. Curious about the possibilities? Visit NOLI’s showroom today.


3. Choose natural materials and fill the space with light

Now more than ever, work-from-home professionals understand the importance of working in a home office that can sustain them and promote their health and well-being. By choosing richly textured, natural materials for your workspace, you’ll stay connected with the outdoors throughout your workday. Light also is a critical factor in home office design. Whether you choose task lighting that mimics natural sunlight or you repurpose a little-used space with a view, connecting with nature can make all the difference to your productivity and enjoyment.

Creating the perfect home office is a highly individualized process—and easier than you think. For design ideas and inspiration, visit our showroom to see what’s possible. 

Looking for more ideas?

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